Know The Signs Of Caregiver Burnout

You made the promise a long time ago to take care of your spouse or parent for as long as necessary. You made the promise out of love, out of family obligation, or just trying to do what’s right. Fast-forward to the present: you’ve been taking care of your loved one for three years now,Keep Reading

3 Legal Documents Caregivers Need To Manage A Senior’s Healthcare

Our lives are governed by rules. It’s instilled in each of us from an early age and plays an aspect in every feature of our lives. When it comes to a parent or spouse’s health, the law is very strict about who can receive updates, participate in conversations with medical professionals and make medical decisions.Keep Reading

What Is Long-Term Care Insurance?

Did you know that approximately eight million people receive support from long-term care services? It’s a known fact that people are living longer. According to the Institute on Aging, there are more than 40 million Americans who are age 65 and older, and that figure is expected to increase as the last of the BabyKeep Reading

Do You Need A Will?

Do you know what Prince and Jimi Hendrix have in common, other being music icons? Each of the musicians died without having a will. Two years have passed since Prince unexpectedly died, and the fight to determine who gets Prince’s money and estate is still going on strong, with no signs of being resolved anytimeKeep Reading

When To Update A Senior’s Care Plan

Your parents had the foresight to create a personal care plan years ago, but for the last decade the plan has occupied a place in the file cabinet, collecting dust. During that time, there hasn’t been a need to use the plan, but Dad’s health is starting to change and the possibility of needing toKeep Reading