Do You Need A Personal Care Plan?

Taking care of a loved one who’s sick is a second-nature reaction for most of us. But taking care of a parent who has a cold and an aunt with a long-term illness are two different beasts. And if it is a long-term illness, life will change permanently for you and your loved one. ItKeep Reading

Do Millennials Need Estate Planning?

Picture this: a group of 20-somethings out on a Friday night, deep in conversation. Out of curiosity, you wonder what they’re talking about: last night’s basketball game, fantasy football leagues, workplace gossip, the latest promotions? The one topic you can almost bet they’re not talking about getting a Power of Attorney (POA) drawn up, orKeep Reading

What Are Advance Care Directives?

Have you thought of what kind of medical options you have available if you were too ill or hurt to express your wishes? It’s a difficult topic for many to discuss let alone take action on. And you’re in good company: about two-thirds of Americans do not have their wishes recorded. What are your legalKeep Reading

Have You Thought About A Funeral Trust?

You’ve seen the commercials on TV comparing prices for the average funeral and the cheaper alternates. In case you haven’t, the price runs between $7,000 and $10,000. This price includes the service at the funeral home, burial in a cemetery, and installation of a headstone. Like the proverbial 500-pound gorilla in the room, there isKeep Reading

What You Should Know About Your Parent’s Finances

Are you familiar with your parents’ finances? The checking account? Savings accounts? Stocks or IRAs? Chances are, you’re not. You may know which bank they primarily deal with, but that’s about it. Discussing your family’s finances is not common dinner table conversation topic. But there may come a time when you – or someone elseKeep Reading