What We Do

Did You Know?

  • The average monthly price of a nursing home is $6000-$7000.
  • 93% of us don’t have Long-Term Care (LTC) insurance.
  • 50% of us will enter a nursing home.
  • 70% of couples will have one spouse enter a nursing home.
  • 70% of single people will reach poverty in 33 weeks in a nursing home.
  • A new case of dementia is diagnosed every seven seconds.
  • There are more than 5 million Americans diagnosed with dementia.

(Source: Alzheimer’s Association)

Elder Advisers Services

Knowledge is a powerful tool. With more than 25 years experience in Financial and Estate Planning, and Asset Protection, Elder Advisers not only brings the required knowledge to the table but the advice and guidance to ensure peace of mind you and your family want.

Asset Protection

At Elder Advisers, we don’t want you to lose what you’ve spent a lifetime working for. We’re here to help. We assist you in protecting your assets in the proper way.

Financial Planning & Advising

Don’t think it’s too late for help; each case Elder Advisers handles is unique. The Elder Advisers’ team uses multiple approaches to protect your assets.

Medicaid Planning

Applying for Medicaid is a complicated process. We at Elder Advisers help you navigate the process, telling you what needs to be done, every step of the way.

Home Visits to Help Reduce Your Stress

From experience, we at Elder Advisers know this is a stressful time. We take pride in the fact that we sit down at your kitchen table to answer questions and review information, and return phone calls in a timely manner.

Coordinating with Elder Law Attorneys

Like physicians, attorneys specialize in specific areas of the law. Elder Advisers coordinates with attorneys in Indiana and Kentucky who specialize in elder law, attorneys who will fight for you.